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Project Accessible Environment

Project Accessible Environment

The term "barrier-free" or "accessible" environment is currently mentioned in a large number of legislative acts of the Russian Federation and has different interpretations depending on the source. If we generalize all the available definitions, the term will sound as follows: a barrier-free environment is called elements embedded in the world, which provide an opportunity for people with sensory, physical and intellectual disabilities to freely move and interact with its various elements.

If you look at this concept more broadly, it becomes clear that organizing an accessible environment is organizing the safest and easiest conditions for the largest number of people.

The organization of an accessible environment involves the equipment of surfaces with special handrails, ramps and special tiles, which will help to move more easily not only for the disabled, but also for children and the elderly.

A disabled person is a person who has health disorders with a persistent disorder of body functions, including damage to the musculoskeletal system, visual disabilities and hearing defects that lead to restriction of life and cause the need for his social protection.

People with low mobility are people who experience difficulties in moving independently, receiving a service, obtaining the necessary information or orienting themselves in space:

  • persons with disabilities,
  • people with temporary health problems,
  • pregnant women,
  • elderly,
  • people with wheelchairs, etc.

To provide an accessible environment for all students, taking into account the diversity of special educational needs and individual opportunities, in Barnaul Cooperative College has:

- a certificate of accessibility for persons with disabilities of the educational institution and the services provided on it, as well as the necessary assistance;

- a list of measures and expenses required to bring the facility into compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation;

- in front of the input group there is a pointer and a call of an assistant from among the employees of the college, to provide services to provide disabled people and persons with HIA with the necessary assistance;

- on the door, in order to avoid injuries, a "yellow circle" is pasted - a warning sign for visually impaired people;

- at the entrance to the object there is a sign with the name of the organization, the schedule of the organization, the plan of the building, made in relief and dot Braille and on a contrasting background;

- the official website of the organization has an adapted version for persons with visual impairment (visually impaired).

Accessibility certificate (college)

Accessibility certificate (hostel)